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ROLEX Product Reviews.

Rolex SA is a British-founded Swiss watch designer and manufacturer based in Geneva, Switzerland.[2] Founded in 1905 as Wilsdorf and Davis by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis in London, England, the company registered the word Rolex as the brand name of its watches in 1908, and it became Rolex Watch Co. Ltd. in 1915.[3][4][5][6] After World War I, the company moved its base of operations to Geneva because of the unfavorable economy in the United Kingdom. In 1920, Hans Wilsdorf registered Montres Rolex SA in Geneva as the new company name (montre is French for a watch (timepiece)); it later became Rolex SA.[2][4][7][8] Since 1960, the company has been owned by the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation, a private family trust

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Intricately crafted from steel this Rolex Date boasts a 31mm case size in addition to a collection of 11.02ctw diamonds....
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Audaciously showing off its two-toned surface this Rolex Date houses a 41mm case that has been emboldened further by a s...
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Crafted from two-toned gold this Rolex Date features a 31mm case size with 9.83ctw of diamonds dotting the surface. Our...
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Female Rolex Datejust has 31mm case size 2.87ctw of hand set diamonds. This 18K/SS serviced by icebox to Rolex standard....
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Female Rolex Datejust is customized by Icebox with 18 months warranty. This Rolex Quality is made of 18K with 31mm case...
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Female Rolex Icebox Datejust is handcrafted that is made of 18K/SS Two-Tone gold with 16.46ctw of diamonds. The master d...
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Female Rolex Datejust made of 18K. With 18 months warranty, it has 31mm case size with 13.06ctw of hand set diamonds. Th...

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