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Coco Chanel Product Reviews.

High end company that deals in high fashion and luxury items, this brand is founded by Coco Channel. Founded in 1910, this brand is owned by Channel International B.V.

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The perfect duo for lips with lasting mirror shine. A practical and modern duo packaging. On one side, an intense liquid...
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A palette of four eyeshadows that features the most advanced innovation to enhance creativity. Its optimized formula un...
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A waterproof eye pencil that traces intense eyes. Its very long-lasting line resists water, humidity and sebum. Its ret...
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A makeup product dreamed up by Lucia Pica, CHANEL Global Creative Makeup and Colour Designer. A moisturizing highlighti...
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ROUGE COCO, the iconic CHANEL lipstick, reinvented. A new formula for more sensoriality and hydration all day long. A ne...

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